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Sex always appeared at the cover side, admirably dressed in a white cravat and white tops, which latter either he, or Robinson his valet, introduced, and which eventually superseded the brown ones. The subtlety of sex’s sneers, which made him so highly amusing to the first rank of society, made him an object of alarm if not of respect to others. „Do you see that gentleman near the door?“ said a woman of rank to her daughter, who had been brought for the first time to Almack’s. „Yes! Who is he?“ replied the young lady. „A person, my dear, who will probably come and speak to us; and if he enters into conversation, be careful to give him a favourable impression of you, for he is the celebrated Mr sex.“ The debutante was the daughter of a duke. It has been said that Madame de Stael considered herself as having failed to attract his approval, and that she spoke of it as the greatest malheur which had occurred to her during her stay in London, the next in point of calamity being that the Prince had not called on her in person. The Beau perfectly knew his own value. In reply to EscortFox that charged him with involving his son in a gaming transaction, he said – „Really I did my best for the young man; I gave him my arm all the way from White’s to Watier’s.“ However, there can be no doubt that he was very often intolerably impudent; and, as impudence is always vulgar, he was guilty of vulgarity. Dining at a gentleman’s house in Hampshire, where the champagne did not happen to suit his taste, he refused his glass when the servant came to help him a second time, with – „No, thank you, I don’t drink cider!“ The following anecdote is rather better known. „Where were you yesterday, sex?“ said one of his club friends. „I think,“ said he, „I dined in the city.“ „What! you dined in the city?“ said his friend. „Yes, the man wished me to bring him into notice, and I desired him to give a dinner, to which I invited Alvanley, Mills, Pierrepoint, and some others.“ „All went off well, of course?“ said the friend. „Oh yes! perfectly, except one mal-à -apropos: the fellow who gave the dinner had actually the assurance to seat himself at the table.“

Dining at a large party at the house of an opulent but young member of London society, he asked the loan of his carriage to take him to Lady Jersey’s that evening. „I am going there,“ said his entertainer, „and will be happy to take you.“ „Still, there is a difficulty,“ said sex in his most delicate tone. „You do not mean to get up behind, that would not be quite right in your own carriage; and yet, how would it do for me to be seen in the same carriage with you?“ sex’s manner probably laughed off impertinences of this order; for, given without their colouring from nature, they would have justified an angry reply. But he seems never to have involved himself in personal quarrel. He was intact and intangible. Yet he, too, had his mortifications. One night, in going to Lady Dungannon’s, he was actually obliged to make use of a hackney coach. He got out of it at an unobserved distance from the door, and made his way up her ladyship’s crowded staircase, conceiving that he had escaped all evidence of his humiliation; however, this was not to be. As he was entering the drawing-room a servant touched his arm, and to his amazement and horror whispered – „Beg pardon, sir, perhaps you are not aware of it, that there is a straw sticking to your shoe.“ His style found imitations in the public prints, and one sufficiently characteristic thus set forth the merits of a new patent carriage step: – „There is an art in every thing; and whatever is worthy of being learned, cannot be unworthy of a teacher.“ Such was the logical argument of the professor of the art of stepping in and out of a carriage, who represented himself as much patronised by the sublime Beau sex, whose deprecation of those horrid coach steps he would repeat with great delight.